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Simple Jaw Treatments To Reduce Teeth Clenching

How would you know if you were suffering from Bruxism? Bruxism is another name for teeth grinding and clenching. Teeth clenching is a difficult problem to spot as it may only occur while sleeping. Regardless, it is important to be aware of teeth clenching and taking preventative measures against it. This blog post will discuss teeth clenching causes, remedies and options if you are seeking teeth clenching treatment in Adelaide.

Mental health problems are very common today. They often end up causing a range of other health problems. For instance, Bruxism. Bruxism or teeth grinding is often caused by depression, stress or general fatigue. It causes muscle tension which results in a clenched Jaw, pain in the neck, ears and shoulders. Teeth clenching causes massive physical discomfort. It can also cause extreme damage to teeth, changing the shape of how your jaw and the bottom part of your face looks. In addition, it causes your teeth to wear out over time. In other words, causing fractures, loosening and loss of teeth overtime. However, most people don’t notice that they are doing it as teeth clenching shows few or no symptoms. 

Symptoms include things like facial pain, headaches, earaches, pain and stiffness in the jaw joint, troubled sleep, broken teeth and many more. However, there are many possible treatments for teeth clenching. For instance:

Dental Treatment

Dental practitioners may treat Bruxism by advising their patients to put on splints and mouth guards. They help protect the teeth against clenching by keeping the teeth separated. They are usually made of acrylic or soft materials that fit your upper or lower teeth. 

In severe cases, dentists might advice to undertake dental correction operations through the usage of crowns to repair any damage caused by the grinding. Although these solutions resolve the effects of bruxism, it still does not prevent it from happening or recurring.

Other Approaches

Bruxism can be treated through other methods like stress or anxiety management or through behavioural change and medication like taking muscle relaxants advised to you by your doctor. 

Nevertheless, a recent finding suggests that treating the masseter muscle using cosmetic injections can help with treating teeth grinding issues caused by this muscle. This simple but effective treatment can last for up to 4 months. In some instances, the troubled muscle begin to cause less trouble gradually after few sessions making the session become gradually unneeded. 

The injection targets the specific affected muscle meaning it does not affect the surrounding muscles or the overall jaw functionality. As a matter of fact,  patients often find this treatment to increase their jaw’s functionality because the pain of jaw movement is reduced. Thus, this cosmetic injection to the masseter is a good option if you are considering teeth clenching treatment in Adelaide. 

Of course, to help long last the treatment and improve its results, there are some home self-care remedies you can follow alongside the treatment.  

  1. Reduce stress and take good care of your mental health.
  2. Reduce Caffeine and alcohol intake at night because they tend to worsen Bruxism.
  3. Sleep well and avoid disrupting your sleep patterns.
  4. Ask a family member to notify you if you experience teeth grinding while sleeping so you can report it to your dentist and/or doctor.
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People everywhere around the world suffer from teeth clenching. However,  there are many teeth clenching treatment options in Adelaide.

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