Are our practitioners medically trained?

All our practitioners are Doctors or Nurses (RN/EN) who are currently registered with AHPRA and have received extensive training in cosmetic clinic practices. Training is ongoing so we are all skilled in the latest techniques.


What are the best ways to remove veins on faces/legs?

Face veins are treated using the Norseld Copper Bromide laser. Leg veins have not been shown to respond well to laser and must be injected with an irritant solution (sclerotherapy). Both treatments take about 6 week for results to be achieved.


Will dermal fillers/wrinkle injections make me look unnatural and will people notice I have had them?

The goal of most treatments is to reduce unwanted wrinkles and soften excessive lines caused by facial expressions and restore the volume lost due to aging. The result should always be natural. A conservative approach to treatment will ensure a natural look is achieved, often over a series of treatments and according to a mutually agreed upon treatment plan.


How big are the needles used for treatments and does it hurt?

The needles used for many of our treatments are very tiny and less painful than usual medical injections. Also the products used may contain anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable, or the practitioner may apply topical numbing cream.


Can I get a quote over the phone? Why do I need a consultation?

All our treatments are individualised and it is important that you are assessed personally and a medical history obtained to ascertain your needs and suitability. It is also important to assess your expectations for treatment. Only a rough guide of costs can be given over the phone.


What if I have a reaction to a treatment?

All reactions/problems can be dealt with promptly by medically trained staff who understand the problems associated with treatment. Our after hours contact number is usually the doctor.


Am I too young or too old to have these treatments?

This needs to be assessed but usually any age is suitable for laser treatment if it is desired, and fillers/toxin injections for prevention of lines and treatment of established wrinkles can be performed between the ages of 18 – 80. It is never too soon or too late but your expectations have to be realistic.


Why do you use lasers and not IPL?

Lasers produce monochromatic light (specific wavelength) and can be either ablative or non-ablative. All our lasers are Class 4 medical grade non- ablative, with different wavelengths targeting specific skin issues. Sometimes more than one laser is required for a skin problem. An IPL (intense pulsed light) may often be used for similar indications but usually requires more treatment sessions to achieve the same result.


Are Fillers with botulinum toxin and lasers harmful to me in the future?

There is no evidence to support any harmful effects of lasers or dermal fillers injections (of the temporary type used in this clinic) in the long term.


Does Medicare or private health cover any of the costs?

A few specific conditions may be eligible but most are not. The doctor will inform you if rebates are applicable.


Any further questions?

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