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Be Free From Spider Veins & Live Your Life!

If you suffer from small varicose veins and spider veins, it’s time you tried sclerotherapy treatment from Adelaide’s sclerotherapy specialists.

Sclerotherapy treatment is an effective, fast, pain free solution to remove your unpleasant or uncomfortable leg veins. Almost all the troublesome veins can be eliminated within one to three treatment sessions.

Vein Chart 

Sclerotherapy effectively treats:

  • spider veins (stage 1)
  • reticular varicose veins (stage 2)
  • venous nodes (stage3)

The clinical process involves micro injections of specialised formula directly into the veins to obliterate them. The body then naturally absorbs the vein remnants, leaving you with clearer skin and better blood flow. This time-tested treatment has been around for nearly a hundred years and has seen thousands of people rid themselves of unsightly veins, so they can enjoy life to the fullest. As a premium treatment option, it is fast and effective and loved by people across Australia with results that can last for years.

Sclerotherapy treatment is a cost-effective way to rid your body of these veins and regain confidence and the freedom to express yourself. You are in safe and professional hands at Laser Skin & Vein Clinic. We will delicately and expertly administer the treatment in our well-established Adelaide clinic.

Stop worrying, start treating.


$395 per treatment*

*A treatment is a full dose of sclerosant agent which takes approximately 30 minutes to deliver in treatment. One or both legs may be treated at once depending on the severity of veins being treated. More than one treatment may be required as directed by the Doctor.

More Information On Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment

Prices start from $275.

The cost of sclerotherapy can vary depending on the area that needs attention and the severity of the varicose and spider veins. We’d be happy to talk you through your needs with a thorough consultation and advise you of the treatment cost in our Adelaide clinic.

The small needle penetrates the skin less than one millimetre in depth. The sclerosant solution is then injected straight into the vein which causes lining irritation, leading to the collapse of the vein. The body then uses its own heightened intelligence and reabsorbs the vein and its materials back into the bloodstream.

Sclerotherapy is not a painful treatment. Most patients report no more discomfort than a standard appointment for eyebrow plucking or leg waxing.

Often hereditary or hormonally influenced, leg veins are a problem for many people, especially women, that can damage self confidence and cause discomfort or even worse lead to pain, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots and more. By treating them with sclerotherapy, you can avoid any further complications through a non invasive treatment that has barely any downtime. You can’t go wrong!

Whilst there may be some initial minimal swelling and red dots, after no more than two weeks the veins begin to break up and fade. They will continue to fade for approximately eight weeks, depending on the severity of the veins.

Although one to three sessions can clear up to 80 per cent of veins, after six to eight weeks any residual veins can be easily treated. Maintenance treatments are often performed about three to five years later, as new veins develop.

Normal activities and lifestyle can be resumed straight away and there should be no interruption to your life, making it the best treatment option for prominent veins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sclerotherapy is the treatment used for small varicose veins and spider veins.

Sclerotherapy is a safe treatment that is conducted by an expert Medical Doctor.

The small needle penetrates the skin less than one millimetre in depth. The sclerosant solution is then injected straight into the vein, which causes lining irritation that in turn leads to the collapse of the vein. The body then uses its own heightened intelligence to reabsorb the vein and its materials back into the bloodstream.

Sclerotherapy is one of the safest and most reliable vein treatments available. Allergic reactions are extremely rare (with an allergy rate of approximately 1:10,000). A condition called matting develops in about five per cent of patients, which looks similar to light bruising or a pink patch on your skin and often disappears over three to six months. Larger veins may develop small blood clots within them. This is part of the treatment process and is in no way dangerous and are easily removed. These clots do not break off and travel. Sclerotherapy is ineffective if major varicose veins feed the spider veins. It is, therefore, necessary to have these veins treated first. On occasion, a painless duplex ultrasound scan is required to accurately evaluate the veins.

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