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Is A PDO Thread Lift Treatment Right For You?

Do you often think about whether a face lift is right for you, but are unsure of traditional invasive methods? It could be that the revolutionary PDO Thread Lift treatment can be what you’re looking for. The PDO Thread Lift treatment is a non-surgical face lift for skin rejuvenation, meaning you will not need to prepare yourself for another surgery if you already had one. We are one of the most exceptional skin and laser clinics in Adelaide to offer PDO Thread Lift Treatments. In this blog post, we will discuss the details of a PDO Thread Lift as a skin rejuvenation treatment and whether it is right for you. 

Why Should You Consider a PDO Thread Lift Treatment? 

You can get a PDO Thread Lift Treatment or other face-lift procedure if you are: 

  • Of 35-65 years of age 
  • Experience wrinkles, loss of volume on your face or reduced skin flexibility 
  • Have previously done a surgical facelift procedure that may not have effectively reduced ‘sagging’ skin. 

A consultation with a licensed health professional would confirm whether you can fully go through with the procedure, however. 

Aside from that, the benefits of a PDO Thread Lift treatment include long-lasting results that show immediately. However, you may start seeing the best results after three to six months. The best thing about a PDO Thread Lift treatment is that the results from just one procedure will be permanent and can help significantly in similar future treatments should the need ever arise. You can expect not just supple and rejuvenated skin, but improved complexion as well. 

Furthermore, the procedure can be done in one session, it will last for around 1 to 1.5 hours. This is a relatively short time length for facelift and other dermatological procedures. As with every other dermatological procedures, however, there will be side effects, no matter how minor. This is something every patient considering a facelift or similar procedure should be aware of. You may need 1-2 days to rest from work or other commitments after the procedure. 

Possible Side Effects

The side effects of a PDOThread Lift are minor and will not affect the patient too severely. One can expect mild swelling, bruising and discolouration. These symptoms will disappear after 2-3 days, however. Furthermore, you will need to carefully choose easily-chewable foods and avoid stretching or moving your jaw too much for those first few days after the procedure. You may also feel as if you can’t move your face too much for the next 2-3 weeks after the procedure. 

How will a PDO Thread Lift Work? 

So what exactly does a PDO Thread Lift Procedure entail? You can expect your practitioner to sterilise the designated areas and mark them to place the threads. These threads are made of the same material as surgical suture. You can read more about Polydioxanone here. Your practitioner will then apply local anesthetic only to these areas before inserting the thread into the designated entry area. Your practitioner will then move this thread to the target areas with a very fine cannula. Afterwards, the thread will be used to raise the skin to desired position. The use of a fine cannula and anesthetic assures no scarring and minimal pain or soreness. 

Contact Us 

If you or someone you know may be interested in a PDO Thread Lift treatment in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Our staff at Laser Skin & Vein are experienced, caring and rigorously trained to the latest industry procedures. We are an exceptional laser clinic based in Adelaide, offering the best care and outcomes for our patients.

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