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Considering Tattoo Removal? It’s Lucky Many Options Are Easily Accessible

What You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal and Laser Tattoo Removal

When there are tattoos, there will be tattoo regret. Whatever their reasons are, approximately 25% of the tattooed Australian population would like to remove theirs. Fortunately, tattoo removal methods and technology have advanced greatly in recent years. Medically trained and certified tattoo removal specialists provide safe services and satisfying results. The most common and efficient method is laser tattoo removal. Most people who would like to remove their tattoo completely visit laser clinics. Additionally, there is an abundance of laser tattoo removal specialists, especially in Adelaide.  

This blog post will cover information about the different types of tattoos, tattoo removal methods and factors that affect the speed of the laser tattoo removal process. 

Tattoo Types

There are various kinds of tattoos. Dermatologists and tattoo removal specialists classify tattoos in the following ways: 


These are tattoos with the purpose of emulating makeup or enhancing one’s physical features. For instance, eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow tattoos and feather eyebrow tattoos can give the appearance of fuller and shapely eyebrows.


These are the types of tattoos that first come to mind when people think of tattoos. These tattoos can be referred to as body art and often appear as graphics. 


Traumatic tattoos are not intentional. They are the results of traumatic skin contact with foreign material that can cause stains. Examples of such cases include contact with asphalt and graphite. 

Decorative Tattoo Classifications 

Decorative tattoos are classified based on how deeply they are engraved into skin. 


Amateur tattoos are not necessarily made by amateur tattoo artists. This type of tattoo is likely to be done with black carbon and is more superficial, meaning it does not penetrate the skin deeply. As a result, these will require less time and treatments to remove. 


Professional tattoos use a wider variety of ink pigments and densities. They can also come in various colours.  Also, depending on the size, these tattoos will require more time to remove. 

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Removal Options 

There are both invasive and non-invasive tattoo removal options. Non-invasive generally means that the method is done on the skin’s surface and does not penetrate deeper beneath the skin. Non-invasive options are more commonly sought after. 

These include: 


This is the most affordable, fastest safe option to remove a tattoo. While the tattoo itself will not be completely removed, it would be changed into a completely new one by a skilled tattoo artist. 

Laser Removal 

Laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective non-invasive method with the highest chance of complete removal. As there are rarely any side effects or injuries, especially if the practitioners have been medically trained. 

There are different types of lasers and they have varying effectiveness in breaking down black and coloured pigments. Q-switched lasers with different wavelengths (type of light) are the most common and proven. Additionally, they work differently on various pigments. Black pigments are easiest to break down and remove, while green pigments are the most difficult. In fact, the Q-switched Nd YAG laser used in our clinic has the versatility to break down the widest range of pigments. 

While laser tattoo removal has the highest chance of complete removal, it is a lengthy process that will take multiple treatments over the span of two months. 

You may read more about the different types of laser wavelengths here

Factors That May Affect The Speed of Laser Removal Process 

There are multiple factors to take into consideration that affect the number of treatments you will need for complete laser tattoo removal. These can be details as minuscule as whether or not the tattoo has coloured pigments. 

Coloured Tattoos 

Black and blue pigments take the least time to remove, while red, orange, white and green pigments will likely lengthen the treatment process and increase the number of treatment sessions required for laser tattoo removal

Age of Tattoo 

The newer the tattoo, the more treatments are required to remove it. This is because older tattoos have faded. 

Location of Tattoo 

Which body part the tattoo is located on affects how difficult it will be to remove. Areas closer to the heart such as the chest, upper arms and neck will require less treatments to remove the tattoo. This is due to the nature of laser tattoo removal which involves white blood cells absorbing broken down ink pigments. Thus, higher blood circulation will lead to a shorter removal process. 

Ink Density and Size

Bigger tattoos and higher ink density in a concentrated area will lead to more treatments for removal. 

Skin Colour

Due to the smaller amounts of light-absorbing melanin in skin, a lighter-skinned person will take less time undergoing the laser tattoo removal process. 


People who smoke reportedly have a lower success rate with the laser tattoo removal process. The suspected reason is a slower immune system associated with smoking. 

You can find more details on how such factors affect the speed of the laser tattoo removal process here. It is important to consider which factors apply to you and how they can affect the speed of your removal process, so you can set your expectations. In addition, our Adelaide-based clinicians are skilled in laser tattoo removal and will provide more detailed information. 

Laser Tattoo Removal Options In Adelaide 

With the high growth of the tattoo removal industry and little regulation around laser tattoo removal practices, it is highly important to select a reputable laser clinic with qualified medical professionals. 

If you are considering laser tattoo removal in Adelaide and would like prompt and accurate advice, feel free to book a consultation with us. We are a trusted and highly experienced Adelaide-based laser clinic with a large variety of services including laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, laser spot treatment and many more. Furthermore, you can get more value from your purchase from the many packages and special options we offer. 

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