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Your Lip Anatomy: How to Obtain Balance and Symmetry

Perfect lips are sensual and vibrant. Undoubtedly, a full pucker is the hallmark of youth. Lip enhancement fillers are ideal at any age. In your youth, they can provide you with the sexy pouty lips of your dreams As you age, your lips often thin and fine lines develop but lip augmentation restores their youthful vibrancy, smoothing wrinkles, and creating plumpness.

Attaining the Perfect Lips

Attaining the perfect pair of lips is all about creating balance and symmetry.

  • Balance: The upper and lower lip should not be of equal size because this creates the dreaded duckbill appearance that looks fake. Instead, you should want to achieve a natural balance where your upper lip is slightly smaller than your lower lip. Interestingly, Leonardo da Vinci is credited with noting that the perfect pair of lips had a larger lower lip than an upper.
  • Tapering: Lips should never be the same volume all the way across. Instead, the volume must decrease. The pink should gradually become thinner towards the corners of the mouth.
  • Pillows: A little volume on each side of the lower lip creates a plump look. This region is commonly called the lip pillows.
  • Cupid’s Bow: The upper lip forms what is known as a ‘Cupid’s bow.’ It is an M shape that must be maintained to keep the lips looking natural.
  • Borders: Lips with too much volume along the borders have a duck lip look that is undesirable.

Lip Anatomy and Aging

As you grow older, your lip’s anatomy starts to change. Your pout loses its fullness, and fine lines develop. Your lips lose their plump appearance and lines (often called smoker’s lines) become prominent. Many things contribute to the lines such as UV damage and repeated lip motions. Such wrinkles are often more visible in women because females have a thinner dermal layer than males. Weight loss can also create fine lines in the lips.

Cosmetic Treatments to Attain the Perfect Smile

  • Anti-wrinkle Injections: Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles in the lips that cause wrinkling through repetitive movements. Upon relaxation, the fine lines in the lip are softened to create a smoother appearance.
  • Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers hydrate and restore the volume in the lip area that often depletes with the passing years or due to weight loss. The filler helps soften lip lines and create a fuller, more robust appearance.
  • Lasers: A laser can be used to resurface the lip area. The resurfacing spurs natural collagen production, so your lips appear fuller. Laser treatments are very aggressive but also successful at creating a fuller, smoother lip surface.
  • Jett Plasma: Jett Plasma promotes collagen production and tightens skin. It can be used with laser resurfacing to naturally spur the body to make collagen and create a natural-looking lip appearance that is smoother and younger.

If you are interested in having a perfect smile, please contact the professionals at Laser Skin and Vein Clinic to schedule a consultation to learn about your many lip options.

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