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Lip Fillers For Fuller Beautiful Lips

Perfect lips are sensual and vibrant. Undoubtedly, a full pout is the hallmark of youth.

For many people full and sensuous lips are high on the wish list for cosmetic lip enhancement and or restoration.

As we age our lips often thin, borders lose their definition and fine lines and wrinkles develop giving an aged appearance.

The good news is that lips can be restored or enhanced using a material naturally found in the body. A simple, safe, temporary dermal filler injections can add volume and definition to small, or undefined lips. The lip augmentation procedure is also used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, balance the symmetry and add definition to create the perfectly shaped, plump look.

To discover how our personalised lip fillers treatments can benefit you, book a free consultation with one of our friendly, trusted cosmetic clinic nurses.



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What parts of the lips can be treated?

There are a number of areas of the lips that can be treated to create the perfectly shaped lip:

The fleshy part of the upper and lower lip can be plumped with volume to create a fuller look and restore lost volume. To maintain a natural look, it is important that your treating lip enhancement practitioner understands lip anatomy and has a good eye, a natural look lip has the top lip slightly smaller than the bottom lip. And both lips taper to the ends.

Vermillion border – this is the lip outline which loses definition with age. Lip fillers can be used to create definition, width and improve lipstick bleeding lines

Cupids bow – the little heart shape at the top if upper lip under the nose can be defined and contoured

Marionette Lines – the vertical lines from the outside edge of the lips that run down to the chin can be softened with filler

Phltrum columns – the vertical contour from the cupids bow to the base of the nose can be redefined

Oral commissures – the loss of volume in the corner of the mouth which creates the sad face look can be restored

Perioral lines – often called smoker lines can be reduced with fillers (or Jett Plasma)

Who is suited to lip filler procedures?

There are generally two types of lip filler patient, they are 1) people looking to add volume and symmetry for the Hollywood type perfect pout or 2) those people who are looking to restore lost volume and definition to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Lip fillers are highly effective at achieving the desired results for both types of patients. The lip augmentation practitioners at Laser Skin and Vein Clinic are highly trained and have a great eye for balance and symmetry to achieve a fuller but still natural look.

Lip fillers are not suitable if pregnant or breast feeding.

Why choose Laser Skin & Vein Clinic?

There are many options out there for consumers to choose when it comes to cosmetic medical services in Adelaide, here are a few reasons why we think LSV for dermal fillers in Adelaide is worth your consideration:

Laser Skin and Vein Clinic is a medical cosmetic clinic with local in house medical doctors and registered nurses. Our prescribing Doctors are local in Adelaide.

Lip fillers are in general a fairly low risk procedure with low complication risk, that said it should be noted that although very rare, complications with injections can be serious and require fast action, we believe at LSV we are well positioned to handle complications (not that we have had to) with our highly trained registered nurses and local Doctors.

Our cosmetic filler injectors are well trained, experienced and have a great eye to achieve natural looking plump, sensuous lips.

We offer a consultative approach, we listen to what you want to achieve and work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your needs, we prefer smaller volumes of filler product that are built upon over time, we are not interested in selling large volumes of product and we believe that the patient comes first.

Premium product – we only use premium FDA approved dermal filler products.

FAQ - Lip Fillers

What is the process of getting lip fillers?

The LSV lip fillers process starts with a complimentary consultation with one of our Registered Nurses who will discuss with you what you are looking for any areas of concern that you may have, based upon the desired look you are seeking to achieve and the nurses experience in injecting, to put together a personal treatment plan. This process will also collect your medical history.

If you would like to proceed with any dermal filler treatment you will have a consultation with one of our doctors, this may be face to face in our Adelaide clinic or via face time / skype depending on the time / day. The doctor will review the treatment plan, your medical history and determine your suitability to the treatment. The doctor consult is required for the first fillers treatment, and annually after that.

Once complete the treatment can commence.

Pre Treatment: a topical numbing cream is applied to the area

Treatment: the dermal filler is injected into the areas which require treatment and smoothed by the practitioner massaging the product as required. You will be fully awake for the procedure and will be able to see instant results.

Post Treatment: you will be provided with some post care instructions, some swelling is normal and will settle down over the next few days, a review will be scheduled to review the treatment results.

Is the Lip Filler procedure painful?

We understand the lips are a sensitive area. We use a strong topical numbing cream,  and and an ice pack. In addition, the products use contain anaesthetic, therefore the treatment is relatively comfortable. Our Registered Nurses are all highly experienced in this procedure and will ensure to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Will I see the results immediately?

Results will be seen immediately after filler lips injecting, however, post injecting the lips often become a little swollen. This means that the result immediately after the treatment may not be the final result. The swelling typically resolves within a couple of days. It is recommended to have a touch-up treatment, depending on the outcome you are looking for, from 3 months if looking for a fuller lip 6-9 month top up for maintenance. This will also add to the duration of the treatment effect

How long will the results last?

The result generally last between 6 to 12 months. The longevity of these lip filler products is variable and each individual may obtain a different result. A plan for regular follow-up treatments to maintain the initial result can be created for you. Our lip fillers Adelaide treatment provides a lasting but not permanent result, so you can further refine your treatment in tune with changing taste and fashion.

What is a dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid gel, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that contributes to volume and hydration.

Who should NOT use dermal filler?

Do not use dermal fillers if you are pregnant or breast feeding.  

What are the possible medical side effects of a dermal filler?

If you’ve previously had cold sores around the mouth, the treatment might provoke an outbreak.  If you are prone to cold sores we recommend that you take preventative cold sore medication before treatment.

Swelling and bruising is a common occurrence with lip fillers but is usually relatively mild and will resolve in 24-72 hours post treatment, we do not recommend having dermal filler treatments within 48 hours of social events as the extent of swelling and bruising is variable and cannot be guaranteed.

The most serious potential side effect / complication with dermal fillers is the potential to block / occlude a blood vessel with filler product, this is very rare but requires prompt action if it occurs. You will be provided with post care instructions and informed what signs to look out for. In the unlikely event there was an issue the treatment plan starts with dissolving the filler to restore blood flow and any further treatment would be as advised by one of our Doctors.

How can I avoid bruising?

To avoid swelling and bruising, you should:

  • Not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or advil for 1 week before and 2 days after treatment. Panadol is always fine
  • Not take Vitamin E (multivitamin ok) or St. John’s Wort for 2-3 days before or after
  • Avoid exercise except for walking for 24 hours after the procedure
  • Take arnica tablets up to 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Lip Fillers Cost / Prices

Volumising Filler

Lip Fillers:

0.5ml $360 – $390
1ml $585-$650
payment plan lip fillers available

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