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PRF For Tear Troughs and Skin Rejuvenation

The term ‘tear troughs’ refers to the depressed sections of loose skin that run from your lower eyelids to your nose. The tear troughs can appear as either bags or hallowed out regions that have wrinkles or dark circles. Sadly, they make you look tired and haggard.  However, PRF for tear troughs is a promising treatment that can rejuvenate the area.

Causes of Tear Troughs

Genetics, lack of sleep, and lifestyle all contribute to the appearance of tear troughs. Also, natural ageing has a significant impact on the delicate skin and leads to sagging, loss of facial fat, and loose ligaments.

PRF for Tear Troughs

Many people turn to PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) treatments for rejuvenation of skin. The all-natural solution is formulated to improve difficult areas of the face that have started to show signs of aging such as the tear trough region. PRF injections fill and smooth the region but they do require a skilled aesthetic injector to brighten and soften the sagging and ease the hallowing. The PRF injections instantly improve eye pigmentation and tone to further enhance the skin’s thickness, texture, and firmness. The PRF product is the favored first-line treatment for tear troughs because of its effectiveness. The results are instant and last for six months to three years. In some situations, you might require two or three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart to gain the results that you seek. Then you will need a one-year maintenance treatment to maintain your results.

Is PRF Safe?

Yes, PRF is completely safe. Your blood is withdrawn and then placed within a machine that rapidly spins the tubes to separate your red blood cells from your plasma. This is a highly personalised treatment plan that helps you avoid possible allergic reactions or infections.

Side Effects of PRF

There are very few side effects of PRF for tear troughs. You might notice slight bruising or swelling after the injections, but such irritation usually subsides within a day or two. On rare occasions, a lump can occur where the formula accumulates but light massaging quickly resolves the trouble spot.

Benefits of PRF

PRF is far more effective than other treatment methods such as PRP. Also, PRF speeds wound healing.

Benefits of PRF include:

  • Quick skin rejuvenation
  • Assists with skin density and firmness
  • Increases skin volume for a more youthful appearance
  • All-natural (uses your blood so there is no danger of an allergic reaction)

Administration of Fillers

A Pistor Eliance machine is often used to ensure precise administration of injections into the tear troughs. It can deliver up to 300 injections per minute. After administration, your skin might appear slightly pink for one to two days with possible mild bruising.

At LSV, our aesthetic professionals are here to answer all your questions. If you suffer from tear troughs or have other issues that you feel might benefit from PRF then please contact us to book a consultation and learn more about our service.

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