What is beauty?

Our thoughts of what beauty means have been discussed throughout the ages, and physical appearance as we know is up for much discussion. A combination of qualities, ratios, thirds, fifths, Fibonnaci, the golden rule of beauty, colour, form, shape, proportions – the list is endless. I know that what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye can be measured, however true beauty involves far more than just appearance. I am not trying to get too philosophical here…

As an aesthetic practitioner, and if you have been treated by me, you will know I always treat with the less is more theory.  I love treatments that require the body to work hard in its capacity to heal and restore.  I also know there are some times when we have to give the body a little push in the right direction with treatments that have a more instant effect.  The outcome in all treatments, however, is to stay true to the face that is before me. 

Beauty is creating improvements in skin clarity and texture. Restoring volume and gently softening the ageing process. It’s increasing a person’s confidence as they begin to enjoy their reflection once more.  It’s restoring a deficit or scar and making it less obvious. It’s building a plan to achieve outcomes being honest about expectations and what is possible.

Now there are always those who have a negative opinion about the aesthetic industry. Taking what is shown in the media or looking at the person who has invested in the idea that ‘bigger is better’, believing that all treatments will be overdone – but this is truly Pandora’s Box of tools. Used correctly they will have a wonderful affect on the ageing process. Both natural and restoring, being educated on the possibilities that are out there is our job. Once you know your options, the treatment you choose is your journey.

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