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Treating Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Are you tired of people asking if you are tired or sick? Dark circles under the eyes are a common occurrence for many, especially as you get older. Fatigue can contribute to discolouration, but the darkness is not always caused by being tired or medical attention in most cases. If you have started to notice dark circles under your eyes, you might want to explore treatment options to refresh your appearance.

Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

In many cases, you cannot control dark circles under the eyes. They occur as a natural result of ageing as the skin grows thinner and you lose your fat and collagen layer. The thinning skin takes on a transparent appearance that causes the dark blood vessels under the skin to become more visible, especially under the eyes.

Excessive sun exposure during your lifetime can lead to dark circles as the body starts to produce an excess of melanin which causes discolouration of the skin. When the delicate skin beneath your eyes is exposed to too much sun, additional pigmentation can develop, causing a darkening of the skin.

Genetics can lead to dark circles, especially if you suffer from thyroid disease. Darkening of the skin is often an inherited trait that appears to worsen as you age.

At-Home Treatments for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

If you start to notice a darkening under your eyes, then you might want to try these at-home remedies:

● Sleep More: Yes, catching up on your sleep will often reduce the appearance of dark circles. Ideally, you should sleep at least seven to eight hours to give your body ample time to rejuvenate.

● Cold Compress: If you notice darkening of the skin and puffiness, try applying a cold compress to help shrink the dilated blood vessels and reduce the puffiness. Hold the cold compress under your eyes for about 20 minutes.

● Sleep With an Elevated Head: Elevating your head while you sleep prevents fluid from forming under your eyes which often causes them to look swollen and dark.

Medical Treatments for Under Eye Circles

If you have tried everything to reduce the under-eye darkness, then you might want to book an appointment with an aesthetic professional at LSV to discuss possible medical treatments. Many cosmetic methods can reduce the dark hue and refresh the eye area.

● Chemical peel to remove unwanted pigmentation.

● Fillers plump out the skin to a more youthful appearance and conceal the blood vessels which cause the discolouration under your eyes.

● Laser surgery helps to tighten and resurface the skin.

● Fat removal to get rid of unwanted under eye bags and dark colors. The removal process will create a more even, smoother surface.

● Collagen stimulants can help replace age-related collagen loss beneath the eyes.

You don’t have to live with dark circles under your eyes. There are ways to combat their appearance! Contact LSV to schedule a consultation today to explore your treatment options.

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