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What is the Difference Between an IPL Machine and Medical Lasers for Hair Removal?

When it comes to permanent hair reduction, you’ll want to explore the IPL (intense pulsed light) machine and medical lasers for hair removal. The LSV machine is gentle and effective at removing hair on the face and body. Our certified therapists use medical grade diode lasers which boast a cooling feature to protect the skin during the treatments. Typically, it will take from six to ten treatments to achieve the level of desired hair removal.

Understanding Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Both laser and IPL are remarkably similar. The pigment found in hairs absorbs the laser’s light energy. Upon absorption, the hairs start to heat up and the follicle becomes damaged which significantly slows hair growth or hinders it completely. The greater the pigment in the hair, the lighter energy it absorbs. Dark hair responds best to hair removal treatments. The difference between the laser and IPL systems is the light source. IPL relies on broad spectrum visible light and medical grade 4 laser devices use an actual laser to achieve permanent hair reduction.

About IPL Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) relies on broad spectrum light to target the hair’s melanin pigment. The light energy is then absorbed, and heat starts to damage the follicle.

About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal damages the follicles with light energy. This method is easy to control because the laser allows the user to focus on an exceedingly small area. In addition, the laser device can also produce more than one color of light. The laser will travel down the hair shaft and deep into the pore to truly target the follicle for effective hair removal.

The Mediostar Laser

The Mediostar laser is an impressive hair removal medical grade 4 laser. The product provides a great deal of power for painless hair removal. It is a high speed hair removal machine that can treat large sections in a short amount of time such as treating back hair in less than five minutes. The laser’s design lets the machine deliver a flat beam of light. It also comes equipped with a Peltier cooling chip which monitor’s the skin’s temperature, so you stay comfortable during the procedure.

Which Type of Hair Removal Treatment?

All types of hair removal laser treatment are effective when carried about by a skilled aesthetic professional. However, when trying to pick which one is best, you should think about the texture of your skin tone and your hair type.

A laser is ideal for individuals with darker skin because of the higher levels of melanin. The laser can precisely deliver the correct amount of heat to successfully damage the follicle for permanent hair removal without burning the surrounding skin. Our aesthetic professionals will discuss your options and answer any questions that you might have.

Please call the Laser Skin & Vein Clinic to schedule a consultation today to discuss permanent hair reduction.

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