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What Chemicals Peels Can Do for Your Skin?

There is a lot of hype surrounding chemical peels. Many have called it the fountain of youth. The process effectively treats wrinkles, scars, and evens out minor skin discolourations. It is often used in combination with other cosmetic procedures that focus on skin rejuvenation. Deep peels afford even greater results.

Various Chemical Peels

A chemical peel acts as a skin resurfacing treatment that addresses your particular needs. The peel is carried out in three depths:

● Light Chemical Peel: Also referred to as a superficial peel, it removes the outer layer of your skin (the epidermis). It can effectively treat cancer scars, fine wrinkles, dryness, and uneven skin tone. A light peel is effective when carried out every two to five weeks.

● Medium Chemical Peel: A medium chemical peel lifts away the epidermis portion of the skin to treat wrinkles. This procedure might need repeated to gain the results you seek.

● Deep Chemical Peel: A deep chemical peel removes cells to a deep depth. It can not only treat hardened wrinkles but also superficial scars and even remove precancerous growths.

A chemical peel does not remove deep scars or help with sagging skin.

At the Laser Skin & Vein Clinic we offer medically-based chemical glycolic peels. Our service uses products to give you brighter and younger looking skin. Our peel treatments and LSV machines rely on effective peel treatments in combination with deep exfoliation to give your skin the tone and texture you seek. We can smooth away the visible signs of ageing and help erase sun exposure from your skin’s surface.

What Does a Chemical Peel Involve?

We will apply an application of a chemical agent to the skin’s surface to help lift away the outer layer. This process reveals brighter and healthier skin. If you want a cosmetic procedure that effectively evens skin tone and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, then you will fall in love with our chemical peels.

Are Chemical Peels Just for Your Face?

Chemical peels can smooth out your skin to roll back the hands of time and reveal a younger ‘you’. At LSV, our chemical peels fight ageing and sun exposure. We apply a chemical agent to the skin that effortlessly removes the outer skin, so the bright new layer of skin beneath appears.

Our Popular Glycolic & Chemical Peel

We offer several peels to meet your skin’s unique needs. Our glycolic and chemical peels help brighten your skin and create a younger appearance. We perform a deep exfoliation followed by the chemical peel process to remove the outer layer of skin. Beneath, the younger and healthier skin appears. The results of the process are almost immediate. In addition, if you do not receive the results you want then we can always explore one of our other peels. However, our medically based chemical glycolic peels are our most popular and it renders remarkably impressive results.

Contact the aesthetic professionals at Laser, Skin & Vein Clinic today for a detailed consultation and to learn about our affordable peels.

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