Let’s Talk Acne!

Acne is usually a problem of youth and puberty but for some can reoccur later in life as an adult.  It can be both mentally and physically debilitating and we can’t be blamed for wanting the quick fix, however, it is a complex and multi level issue that takes time to heal and can be a real journey to improvement and understanding of the complex nature of the process.

Firstly it is important to address the issue of gut health and addressing the importance of internal health.  If the body is in a state of toxicity it does not function well and skin is one of the first indicators of the body’s inability to perform.  We also address skin care as it needs to be a low tox and skin specific regime of skincare as this is very important.  

Reviewing the current skin care regime is important as sometimes we overwork the skin placing it under stress and thus having an over supply of oils due to over scrubbing or cleansing.  Often Wondering why?? We are so thorough in our attempts to cleanse the skin and getting more frustrated at our outcomes.  

The truth of the matter is there is no one size fits all to patients that present with acne concerns.  As it is driven by multiple factors and therefore the approach needs to be individualised to the issues that present.  We will always look at a plan to address the problem with all the tools in our box.  Depending on the grade of acne that presents we try our utmost to get results without the need of medication, however in some cases there is also a place where to get to a place of best results medication may be required.

Skin is complex and ever changing there is no one size fits all however we just need to find the one size that fits the person that sits in front of us to get best results.  It takes patience and time but it is a journey that we love to travel with you.

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