What Happens During My Consultation?

When it comes to consultation and assessment, understanding the key elements that will allow us to achieve the outcomes you desire is so important.  So what do I look for when meeting and discussing treatment options with you for the first time?

Firstly I like to hear your concerns and what has brought you into the clinic.  Then I would like to understand a little more about you.  In aesthetics there are many treatment options and I have learnt overtime that everyone’s journey is so different.  Some are eager for instant results and others want less detectable improvements over time.  It’s during this part of the assessment that the plan unfolds.

I also like to gain a picture of your skin and dietary health.  Looking at your current regime and how your skin is reacting.  Diet is very important to skin as gut health is intrinsically linked with skin health, and sometimes addressing some small changes in these areas can accelerate and amplify your results.

When I’m looking to treat areas of the face I’m assessing the anatomy and understanding your facial dynamic watching how you animate studying facial expressions that are uniquely you.  It is through this assessment that I discuss these findings because sometimes rectifying a deficit that you didn’t like may change something that was ultimately you.  This may lead to feeling disappointed with your outcomes.  

Depending on age, ethnicity and gender, the expectation of what’s achievable I then delve into the options for treatment and best product choice.  This is where the journey begins.  Education is key and you will find with all clinicians at Laser Skin and Vein, they know their products and treatment options to achieve best outcomes, we are also very honest about what’s achievable.  

Assessment is key to great outcomes.  These are medical procedures and education is key.  Treatments need to be understood before being carried out. It’s why we do the consultation.  It also helps you understand the process of the treatments you choose and what is achievable with them.

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