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Will Removing Skin Lesions With a Laser Leave a Scar? Understanding Laser Treatments

Skin lesions such as seborrhoeic keratosis (often called age warts), warts, benign moles, skin tags, and sebaceous hyperplasia (which appear as small white bumps) can all be safely removed with a Dual Yellow Norseld Copper Bromide laser. You might wonder, will removing skin lesions with a laser leave a scar?  When properly done, the lesion will be removed or dramatically reduced leaving fresh new skin to heal and return to normal skin tone.

Understanding Lasers

A laser emits a small beam of light that is high intensity and can be precisely targeted at the problem area. They have one or two pure colors (also called wavelengths). The laser is absorbed by the troubled skin lesion but leaves the surrounding healthy skin untouched. The lesion’s cells heat up and burst under the laser’s onslaught. Trained medical professionals focus on only lasering the lesion to avoid outer perimeter scarring. Large lesions may require more than one laser session to successfully remove the troubled spot.

Lasers are Safe

When used correctly, a laser will only penetrate to a depth of 6 mm. This means that the deep tissue or internal organs remain safe from the laser. When performing laser treatments on lesions on the face or head, you will be required to wear special eye shields or goggles to protect your delicate eyes.

Many types of skin conditions can be successfully treated with lasers such as birthmarks,  telangiectasias, wrinkles, tattoo removal, hemangiomas, and warts.

Long-Term Dangers

There are many types of safe lasers in use by medical professionals. The Dual Yellow Norseld Copper Bromide laser produces no harmful rays such as X Rays, UV light or gamma rays. It can safely be used to pinpoint the lesion with exceptional precision.

Will it Hurt?

A lesion laser treatment session can easily be done as an outpatient procedure in a medical office. A medical professional will cover the skin’s surface with an anesthetic cream approximately 30 minutes prior to the procedure to reduce any possible discomfort. However, many individuals opt to use no anesthesia. Most users report a slight sensation that is similar to the feeling of heated pinpricks if they opt to undergo the treatment with no anesthetic cream.  Following the treatment, you will have no significant downtime and should be able to effortlessly return to your daily life.

Large or difficult lesions may require more than one treatment to successfully remove. Please contact us to book a consultation to discuss your lesion laser treatment options.

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