Anyone who knows me knows that I have a minimalist approach to all things skin. There is an actual term for this ‘skinimalism…’ who would have thought!

When addressing skin I have a less is more theory, as skin will often become quite reactive after the well-meaning intervention of many creams, scrubs or treatments. This can leave us feeling frustrated, as we think we are doing our best to maintain great skin results, but ultimately getting negative outcomes.

So what is skinimalism? It is achieving a skincare routine that is simple, with minimal steps, that gives you the maximum outcome leading you to require minimal make-up. It adopts a minimal-approach philosophy that aims for you to be make-up free, and let your skin be your best asset. 

I have reduced my skin care regime to products that make a difference! For me the number one product is Vitamin A at night (retinol, retinoid or retonic acid).  

Night time regime is to Cleanse, apply Vit A and Moisturise.

Morning routine is Cleanse, Vitamin C and SPF. With these 2 active vitamins, (A and C) we cover cell turnover, cell rejuvenation, antioxidants, pigment inhibitors and then protection by finishing off with SPF.

Make sure your active products are where you spend your money and do your research. My favourites are Dermaceutic’s C25 and Biopelle Retriderm (vit A), because they consistently get great results. 

I do suggest professional help to address skin rejuvenation, and resurfacing as part of that regime. It means you get maximum outcomes with your skin. My skin’s health is also attributed to both Collagen-stimulant and radio frequency treatments throughout the year. Please check out these links for further information:

Collagen Stimulant:  https://laserskinandvein.com.au/collagen-stimulant/

Radio Frequency: https://laserskinandvein.com.au/skin-rejuvenation/venus-viva/

It is also a commitment. Even the simplest of regimes needs consistency to obtain maximum benefit – the ageing process only moves in one direction! Therefore seeking products and services that look to inhibit its effect will allow you to age with confidence and ultimately maintain healthy glowing skin.

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