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Hydrafacials Microdermabrasion Treatments Create a Younger Appearance

If you are starting to notice fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging, and skin discolorations brought on from sun exposure and aging then it might be time to try a cosmetic procedure to create a younger and more vibrant appearance. Microdermabrasion hydrafacial is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment that can effectively turn back the hands of time by resurfacing the skin and encouraging collagen production.

How Does the Hydrafacials Microdermabrasion Work?

The hydrafacials microdermabrasion treatment removes the top layer of skin known as the Stratum Corneum. The process involves cleaning the area, mechanical exfoliation, and applying a combination of serums. This action causes the skin to start to produce collagen to create an overall skin refinement that provides a younger appearance. Your skin will seem firmer, fine lines reduced, pores decrease in size, and you will develop a more even skin tone.

Skin Rejuvenation Results From Hydrafacials Microdermabrasion Treatment

  • Fine lines reduced
  • The appearance of wrinkles will be dramatically softened
  • Skin experiences an overall refinement
  • The texture of the skin becomes more consistent
  • Skin tone evens out
  • Sun damage will be significantly removed
  • Pores diminish in size
  • Clogged pores disappear
  • Acne will be treated and the appearance of scarring reduced
  • Mature skin appears younger and more vibrant

Who Will Benefit from Hydrafacials Microdermabrasion?

Anyone who has noticed a change in their skin will benefit from the procedure. It can also be an effective treatment for acne. The non-surgical treatment is even safe for individuals with sensitive or fair skin.

How Many Treatments are Needed to Achieve Results?

Many patients report results after just one treatment. However, it is advised that you undergo one treatment per month to continue improving the skin’s surface and also prevent new damage from developing.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

Hydrafacials are quick and easy. The procedure from start to finish generally takes only 20 to 30 minutes. It is non-surgical so you can quickly and effortlessly return to your daily schedule.

What to Expect After a HydraFacial

Many people are afraid that they will look bad following a hydrafacial dermabrasion treatment but nothing could be further from the truth. Your skin will appear a bit red but it will also be instantly rejuvenated. Most people are fully satisfied with the results immediately following the treatment.

Monthly hydrafacial dermabrasion treatments help you maintain your skin’s appearance and health. During frequent deep cleaning process, your skin absorbs antioxidants and it becomes better able to utilize key nutrients to maintain its glowing presentation.

Please get in touch with the medical professionals at Laser Skin & Vein Clinic to discover our hydrafacial dermabrasion treatments so you can get on track to a younger and more vibrant facial skin appearance.

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