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Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Do you hate the hair on your body? During the summer months do you find yourself covering up instead of uncovering? If you’re tired of hair removal products and shaving then it might be time to explore a more permanent solution such as laser hair removal.

A Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair

If you have unwanted facial or body hair then you might want to consider the process of laser hair removal. A medical grade 4 laser provides you with permanent hair reduction. Unlike other lasers, the mediostar laser has a cooling effect to relieve discomfort and protect the skin during the process which reduces the likelihood of burning. The procedure can be performed on the face, upper body, and lower extremities.

Understanding How a Mediostar Laser Works

The pigment found in the hair absorbs the laser light. The hair is destroyed and so is the follicle that grows the hair.

Who Benefits From Laser Hair Removal

Light skinned individuals with dark hair will benefit the best from laser hair removal. Unfortunately, light or gray hair does not successfully absorb the light. Also, naturally dark or tanned skin will block and absorb the light so that the follicle is not damaged.

More Than One Treatment

Hair goes through an active growth phase and a resting phase. When active, the laser will effectively remove the hair but when resting it will be unaffected. This means that it will usually take between four to eight treatments to eliminate all unwanted hair

Preparing for the Procedure

You will need to wait at least three weeks before undergoing the procedure if you pluck or wax your hair. This will allow the follicles to develop adequate growth to absorb the light. The area that is undergoing the treatment will need to be shaved because hair that remains long above the skin’s surface will rapidly absorb the light and could burn the skin.

What Laser Hair Removal Feels Like

The area of skin being treated may feel like small pinpricks as the laser light is passed over the skin. A feeling of mild heat may persist for an hour after the procedure. The skin can remain red for a day or two. Often a mild anti-inflammatory cream will help reduce any redness or discomfort. Following treatment, it is imperative that you wear sun protection over the area.

Treatments are usually spaced out every four to six weeks to allow new hair growth to emerge.  It can take up to two years to eliminate hair from one section of the body.

At the Laser Skin and Vein Clinic, medical professionals will effectively use a medical grade 4 laser to successfully remove unwanted hair. Please call today to book a consultation and learn about our many services. We offer package prices for multiple body areas.

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