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Upper Lip vertical lines (Smokers lines, perioral lines, lip wrinkles)

Lip Lines (Smokers Lines)

Have you noticed the formation of vertical lines that run from your nose area to your top lip? These are a common sign of aging and often called smokers lines.

These lines form due to a combination of repetitive muscle use, volume / collagen loss and UV damage.

Repetitive muscle use may be a function of smoking, excessive pouting or kissing or just the affects of muscle use over time. The link between perioral lines and muscle use is explanation for why they are often described as smoker lines as a smoker often develops these lines earlier than a non-smoker.

Volume loss is generally a function of age, as we grow older our collagen production decreases and the fat layers below the skin decrease or migrate to other areas, such as below the chin. Weight loss may also result in the appearance of these lines as with age the skin laxity is reduced and when the fat levels decrease the skin does not pull tight as it does in youth.

UV damage through exposure to the sun is another contributor to the formation of these lines.

In general perioral lines – lip lines are more visible in females than men due to the fact that we have a thinner dermal layer, which leaves the skin more susceptible to wrinkles.

But don’t despair this common visible sign of aging can be treated.

Treatments for lip wrinkles:

We have 3 key treatments that we can use to reduce or remove these perioral lines.

1)   Target the underlying muscle – anti-wrinkle injections can be used to target the underlying muscles which are strengthened through repetitive use. By relaxing the underlying muscles the lines are softened. 

2)   Restore the lost volume – dermal fillers can be used to hydrate and restore lost volume to the lip area which also softens the appearance of lip lines.

3)   Promote natural Collagen production – lasers can be used to resurface the above lip area, the resurfacing promotes collagen production and skin regeneration, it should be noted that the above lip area is quite resistant to the promotion of collagen production so laser treatments tend to be quite aggressive to be effective.

Another collagen production technology is the new Jett Plasma that can be effectively used on the lip area with little downtime.

An advantage of Laser resurfacing and Jett Plasma is that the results are a natural response by your body to create its own collagen, and the effects are longer lasting, compared to antiwrinkle or filler injections that require frequent retreatment.

The correct treatment or combination of treatments for you will depend on your personal circumstances, how visible the lines are and your personal preferences.

At Laser Skin and Vein we would recommend a personal consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss your needs, preferences and target outcomes as a basis to put together a treatment plan that will meet your needs.



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Pricing for treatment of Upper Lip Lines

Antiwrinkle typical $100 Repeat
3 months
Dermal Fillers typical $585-650 Repeat
6-9 months
Jett Plasma $550 per treatment Typically
2-3 treatments required
Repeat when area shows signs of ageing again
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