Lipo Dissolve

Lipo Dissolve

Lipo dissolve is a safe non-surgical cosmetic treatment to help permanently reduce small fatty deposits in the face or body without surgery and little downtime.

How does this work?

This is done through the injecting of 2 key ingredients one being Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and deoxycholate (DC) with fine needles into the area being treated.  After they have been injected, they begin to work on the fat cells breaking them down and the body will either excrete or use them for an energy source.  Benefits are seen usually within 3-4 weeks of the treatment, and you will require 3-4 treatments generally 8-12 weeks apart for the maximum results.  Lipo dissolve should not be considered a substitute for overall weight loss.

What are the side effects?

Within the first three days you may have redness, itching, swelling.  Up to 2 weeks there maybe pain in the treated area potentially bruising.  Other symptoms are Sensitivity to touch (up to 3 weeks). It is theoretically possible to have lumpy nodules, infections, abscess formation, pigmentation and allergic reactions in the injection areas, all of these things are extremely rare.  Treatment should be avoided altogether if you have a history of soy bean allergies (which is a contra-indication). 

Who is eligible for this?

All clients are required to have a consult first to ensure that you are eligible for this procedure, but if you only have a small area that you want to contour then you would be a candidate for this procedure.

Areas that can treated?

  • Appearance of Double Chin
  • Arms
  • Upper Thighs
  • Abdomen

How long does it last?

Lipo dissolve destroys and removes the localised fat cells and in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise this will be a long-term fat reduction.

What is the price?

All pricing will be discussed prior to commencement of treatment and will depend on the area and number of treatments required. 


You have now completed your Lipo-dissolve treatment and here are some aftercare instructions:

Recovering from a lipo-dissolve treatment is a very quick process.

  1. You may experience a slight burning sensation around the treated area for about an hour after the injections, this is not an uncommon experience.
  2. You may also experience some skin tenderness initially and then swelling, which can be quite significant in the area for 24-48 hours post procedure.
  3. Following procedure ensure that ice is applied to the treated area to help reduce the swelling. Ice should be applied as needed for the swelling for at least the first 48 hours and over the next 1-3 days as required.
  4. If you are experiencing discomfort you can take paracetamol.
  5. An anti-inflammatory may be taken if required however, we do suggest refraining if possible.
  6. To assist with the treatment, you can massage the area for 15 mins a day for the next two weeks. This will aid the process of fat breakdown.
  7. Refrain from any strenuous exercise on the day you received your injection and stick to gentle exercises for about a week following the procedure.
  8. Ensure you drink lots of water post treatment.
  9. Ensure you apply sunscreen and do not expose yourself in the sun for long periods of time after the procedure for the next two weeks.
  10. The body naturally eliminates the chemically weakened fat cells over the course of four weeks to three months.

If you have any question please contact Laser Skin & Vein Clinic 08 82672800

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Prices vary depending on areas.

Get in contact with our warm and knowledgeable staff today to discover more about this life changing treatment.

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