The Why I Do What I Do…

I was recently involved in a conversation with a well meaning friend about the non-necessity of what I do! 

“I mean aesthetics, who really needs it??”

“Just filling people with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle……”

It made me think. Firstly, in treatment, that is not all we do. The face is dynamic as is the aging process and there are many modalities that we use to get best outcomes.  

But, Who Does Need It?

Obviously this person did not see its value but as I began to answer thinking about the people I see most in the clinic, (mostly women but this is for men as well), the clarity of why I do what I do, began to unfold…

The person who needs it is the person who sits in front of me, who has realised they can not compete with the aging process on their own.  They have suddenly noticed signs of aging in their skin, the depth of lines or texture of their skin and no cream seems to be getting the results it used to. This can lead to feelings of loss of control and may mean they become unsure about themselves, lacking in self confidence and not liking their appearance.  They no longer want to catch their reflection in the mirror and that reflects in the way they move about in life.   

When we unfold a plan to address all avenues of aging and get the results that take back their control on the aging process the change in their confidence and the understanding that there are many options to regaining control over the aging process (it’s not only about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkles), that we begin a journey of self renewal.  It’s enjoyable and empowering and ultimately rewarding.

Unfortunately we live in an age where we are judged on our appearance and age.  Directing my thoughts towards women, our lives are often taken over by the needs of others and we just don’t have the time for ourselves.  We often feel it is selfish to spend money on ourselves.  Or we are concerned of being seen as vain.  However our outer appearance and taking care of it is just another way of maintaining our wellness and improving our self confidence. Then that is what we take into our everyday life, with positivity that we can then share with those around us. 

It’s my job to be there when the time is right for you to do something about what concerns you.  To give you a plan that will ultimately lead to the best outcomes for you, all the while treating you with respect and rebuilding your confidence.  And that in my opinion is why aesthetics is a necessity……


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