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Jodie’s Journal: What Makes Us Look Tired?

What Makes Us Look Tired?

The depths of tear troughs and darkness are often the first point of complaint. So what can be done?

Firstly I have to say, tear troughs are an area that requires thought and an experienced injector. Not all tear troughs are candidates for filler so in-depth assessment before any treatment needs to be carried out.

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin

PRF platelet rich fibrin to the area is a great way to go for those new to aesthetic treatments. Using your own blood product that contains a growth factor in the area which has an ability to restore and improve the depth of the tear trough and improve the skin quality and darkness with very low risk associated with the treatment.  (Obviously we have to inject the product in so possible bruising).  Multiple sessions are required but it is all about the body’s ability to repair, therefore very natural.

Dermal Filler

If dermal filler is the choice for treatment we want it to be placed in the right plane and less is more in this case.  I like to do multiple treatments over time of smaller amounts;

  1. Firstly because too much hydrophilic filler swells and can cause an impediment to the lymphatic drainage under the eye.
  2. Dermal filler if too much or in the wrong plane is visible and can often take a really long time to break down, not a great look.

Dermal filler has an instant improvement to the area.  My tactic with dermal filler in the area is less is more. Over time we can build up the area with gentle restoration.  The fact of the matter, we can slowly add more but adding too quickly to the area can lead to an overfilled tear trough and it is always more difficult to take away.  Technique and delivery to the area are also important considering anatomy of the area and choice of tool to deliver the product is important also.

Radio Frequency

Thirdly, but definitely not least, is Radio Frequency treatment to the area.  A delivery of radio frequency energy combined with skin needling offers a treatment that rejuvenates skin and causes an inflammatory response to the dermal bed causing an influx in elastin and collagen to the area being treated.  The modality is safe to treat around the orbital area so improves the area by tightening the skin and overall rejuvenation to the area.

What is Right For Me?

Tear troughs are complex and require consideration before treatment, best outcomes are achieved by a multimodality approach. They are certainly an area that when treated will improve the overall appearance and reduce the ever nagging comment of how tired you look.

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