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Jodie’s Journal: Is There A “One-Fix” Treatment?

Is There A “One-Fix” Treatment?

Aging is a multi factorial issue.  No-one is exempt; however we have Pandora’s Box of treatments that we can offer.  These treatments range from skin peels, skin re-surfacing/rejuvenation to injectables improving volume loss and reducing wrinkles to PDO threads improving collagen and mechanically being able to lift the skin etc… All these procedures help with the reduction of the signs of aging.

However, all these procedures are non-surgical and non-permanent ways to help with the aging process.  They require maintenance to achieve best outcomes and commitment in your homecare and regime and post care compliance.

Time Frames:

Anti-wrinkle injections: The medication wears off in about 3-4 months and the muscle contraction will just go back to how it was before you had it done.  You may get a little longer between treatments as the muscles, with regular treatments take longer to re-activate.

Dermal Fillers/Self Volumizing Products(Bio-Stimulants):  Non-permanent fillers give an instant result. There are some studies that have shown that dermal fillers can actually take a lot longer to break down, (@victoriacosmeticinstitute), shows some very interesting studies into this fact, but will eventually metabolise and break down at least to a point that they are not as effective and the area appears to be in deficit again.

Peels and Skin Rejuvenation:  Addressing all things skin and repairing the canvas (skin surface) is a slow and wonderful process that through different modalities and treatments has a cumulative effect.  Again taking commitment and understanding it is a plan of multiple treatments for best results.

The picture starts to unravel… Do we have one product that fixes all with one treatment… No!

Due to their non-permanent nature, the treatments require repeat interventions over a period of time.  Due to the fact that we are always aging it also makes sense that allowing the body to return to its natural process will again make the deficits obvious to us over time. Everyone’s journey is individual. They will hold products differently, they will have different levels of expectation eg; those who wish to soften and those who wish to attack the aging process head on. Treatment frequency will also be unique to each individual.  Everyone holds onto the products differently, so some people may require sooner/ later treatment than others.

We have years under our belt to age, and the repair of damage done both intrinsically and extrinsically takes time and different interventions to tackle head on.  Finding what will suit your journey best comes from education and then knowledge to make a fully informed decision, and that’s what we do best.

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