Bargaining with Injectables

In the world of aesthetics, those that have been injecting for some time, have the experience and knowledge and are ethical in their approach to injecting/treating your face and do not bargain their price down to get a patient.  They know their worth and skill and have the experience behind them to confidently assess your concerns and give you a detailed assessment and realistic advice about outcomes to treatments.  As a patient you are entitled to find somewhere cheaper but remember you get what you pay for. 

Any treatments that we look to undergo medically we look to find the best. If we need surgical intervention we don’t go to our GP, we look for the surgeon to perform the specific operation.  At LSV we are not here to compete with other injectors.  These procedures are placed under medical restrictions and classified as medical treatments, and just like visiting the surgeon who will perform your surgery you do not bargain with them and suggest that you can get it done cheaper by another surgeon, “Do they price match?”

So what are you paying for in the clinic that charges a higher price?  The price, what you are paying for, is reflective of the experience, quality of the service and the aftercare you receive before, during and after your treatment.

Patients search out treatments within our clinic often on referral of others because we treat ethically and honestly and are bound within the medical guidelines that govern the industry.  We put your safety and wellbeing first, and always look to achieve the absolute best results for you.

To fellow injectors, know your worth and don’t cheapen the industry. Aesthetics is a serious wellness area in health and these are medical procedures not paralleled with tinting of eyelashes or doing your nails (these are also very necessary treatment but a bad outcome can be rectified far easier).  These are medical treatments they shouldn’t be bargained with.  The risks of poor outcomes are real and let’s be honest it’s your face…

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