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Cheek Fillers for a More Youthful Appearance

Cheeks are the foundation of the face from which all else hangs. They showcase the eyes, nose, and mouth. Such a focal point is key to maintaining a beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, aging and bone loss can all play havoc with your cheekbones.

Ageing and Your Face

As you age, the fat pads and collagen in your cheeks start to deplete and flatten. This means that the high cheekbones of your youth fade away. Bone loss can also make your cheeks appear sunken and collapsed. Without the support of your cheeks, the skin around your eyes, mouth, and nose will sag and develop wrinkles. Gravity pulls the face even further down to accelerate the aged look.

Injectables Fillers Help You Attain Youthful Cheeks

Cheek fillers are an ideal option to give high, striking cheekbones without undergoing dramatic cosmetic surgical procedures. The fillers help restore volume for a younger appearance and even assist with the skin’s hydration by drawing plumping water into the treated areas for an even more youthful appearance. Many people refer to dermal fillers as a ‘liquid facelift’. They are also cheaper and easier than surgery. It typically takes only one treatment and the effects will last for months. Unfortunately, unlike surgery, the treatment does not last indefinitely and will need to be redone every six months to two years.

Benefits of Injectable Cosmetic Fillers

Here are a few benefits to having cosmetic fillers injected into your cheeks:

  • Reduces the appearance of aging
  • Lifts your jowls for a younger appearance.
  • Creates volume in your cheeks
  • Smooths out the creases that run from the nose to the mouth
  • Provides angles which make your face appear slim
  • Fine lines around the eyes disappear or are diminished
  • Smile lines fade
  • Helps plump up the area below the eyes to create a less haggard appearance

Undergoing Dermal Filler Treatment

A trained medical professional will inject a dermal filler into the soft tissue under the skin. You may require more than one injection to attain the look you desire. There may be redness, slight swelling, or even bruising at the injection site but it usually disappears within a few days post treatment. There is only limited downtime after the treatment so you will be able to return to your daily life.

Fillers are measured by millilitres. How much you will need must be determined by the look you want to achieve. At Laser Skin and Vein Clinic, our trained medical staff are experienced with dermal fillers. Please contact to book a consultation today or learn more about our cosmetic fillers treatments.

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