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Anti-Wrinkle Injections vs Creams

Remove and reduce your lines and wrinkles in 3 to 5 days, even if you have the deepest set wrinkles….

I made a comment recently, that being;

“Do people really believe a cream will erase their wrinkles?”

It certainly raised a few comments and although a little tongue in cheek, the mechanics of wrinkle formation is complex. Therefore a cream just won’t give you the outcome you were looking for. Many of us are well educated and well informed about our options, however we still feel as though the road of anti-wrinkle injections would be seen as vain.

The natural process in ageing results in a loss of collagen and elastin proteins. There are internal factors that contribute to this breakdown, as well as external factors like sun damage.

Ageing in itself has no pause. However, we are presented with many options to improve if not stagnate or, dare I even say, reverse this process. Knowing the process intimately, as I do, and then reflecting on how we work to improve the body’s ability to heal and produce more collagen/elastin is the beginning of the reversed ageing process. There are certain treatments and modalities that reignite our body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, but most effective for deep lines or wrinkles….

Sorry I can’t name the products however, B and D, anti-wrinkle injections.  Yes, let me confirm that anti-wrinkle injections are the best option for deep lines and wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle injection into the area of deep lines and wrinkles is effective in stopping the deep formation of lines. It reduces the muscle activity and therefore also reduces the wear and tear on the collagen and elastin in the area where the muscle is strongly active.

Deep lines are ageing and if they are something that concerns you, then the discussion of anti-wrinkle injections is the one to have. Muscles will still operate causing deep lines even if you are using the most efficient of topical creams. Topical creams will not cover more than surface skin imperfections, thus having no effect on deeper muscle activity.

Our objections may be that we don’t want to put medication into our system. My discussion with the use of anti-wrinkle medication points out the long term use of the medication with very little negative outcome. It has been widely used for many medical concerns in both adults and children with over 30 years of use and data shows it to have a very low risk profile. The effects do wear off after approximately 3 months; this is both advantageous and negative as re-treatment is required to maintain its effect. However, if the treatment is not for you, it also means the effect will wear off.

This is why I strongly recommend that the treatment of deep lines and wrinkles are best treated with an injection of anti-wrinkle (B or D) to reduce, and in most cases remove the deepest of lines and wrinkles. It’s definitely worth the discussion if you are considering this line of treatment and the best thing – consultation is free.

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